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What to Wear?

Beginners are not required to wear a keikogi (the traditional "white pyjamas" worn by practitioners of Aikido and many other martial arts).  A pair of tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt are fine.  However, shorts are not suitable.


If you already own a keikogi, then it should be worn with a white belt.  If you are unsure of the correct way to tie the keikogi or the obi (belt) then ask one of the senior students or an instructor before the class.  The style of Aikido we practice does not use a system of coloured belts for kyu grades.  All practitioners below the rank of shodan (the first black belt rank) wear a white belt.


In this dojo, Aikido practitioners are permitted to wear the traditional hakama(black over-trousers) when they reach the grade of 1st Dan.  Female practitioners may be permitted to wear a hakama after their first successful grading.

On your way from the changing room to the tatami (mat area), you should wear something on your feet.  It is considered a severe breach of etiquette to bring dirt onto the mat.  Whatever shoes you wear into the hall should then be removed and left at the edge of the mat.  Shoes are never permitted onto the mats.

Black Belts
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