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Principles and Benefits of Aikido


Aikido is a weaponless system designed solely for self-defence. It is essentially non-violent and as conceived by its creator, non-competitive. Force is never opposed with force. By means of spherical movements, an attackers force is diverted and turned back upon them. In addition to throws to bring an assailant to the ground, there are also a variety of joint locks for controlling an attacker. Though these can be painful and induce immediate submission, they are applied so as not to cause injury. 


Since Aikido techniques do not demand physical strength or aggressive spirit, it is practised by people of all ages and physical make up, by women just as well as by men.  


Since Aikido is based on full and natural body movement, it exercises every limb and joint of the body. Flexibility, muscle tone, co-ordination, quick reactions are all developed. It does not demand unnatural body building preparation and is an absorbing way to keep fit.


Aikido is essentially a method of self-defence, so that through regular practice one will acquire a sound basis of agile movement and speed of reaction that should prove useful if the occasion ever demanded it in real life.

In common with other oriental philosophies, Aikido teaches that there is no real separation between that which is the body and that which is mind. In subjecting our bodies to the precise discipline of Aikido we might eventually influence our minds for the good: creating an inner calm and balance that may be carried into our daily lives.

Aikido Black Obi
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