British Aikido FederationSummer School 2019
17th - 24th August


This year the kyu gradings (6th - 2nd kyu) will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 21st August.

The 1st kyu and yudansha gradings will be held on the morning of Thursday 22nd August.

To assist the smooth running of all Gradings, it would be very much appreciated if the appropriate grading forms were fully completed prior to arrival at Summer School and subsequently submitted to the Summer School Office at the time of registration. Copies of all required documents can be obtained below. Please ensure that the form is the version that appears on the Summer School site, is printed in colour and signed by the appropriate person.

For those intending to take an Ikkyu or Yudansha grading at Summer School please ensure the required forms are sent to Stephen Parr at the address below in advance of Summer School (not required for other kyu grades).

Stephen Parr
54 Holm Drive Elton

Grading Advice Grading Forms Grading Results
All/Kyu Grading 1st Kyu/Yudansha (1a) Results Form*
Yudansha Grading 1st Kyu/Yudansha (1b)  
  2nd Kyu  
  3rd Kyu  
  4th Kyu  
5th Kyu
  6th Kyu  
*To be completed by candidates for all grades

Grading fees should be submitted at the same time as the grading forms. Grading fees are shown opposite.

Yudansha, please note that details of your grading fees are detailed in the Yudansha Grading Advice document above.  Note that the Sterling/Yen exchange rate will be set at the start of Summer School.

It is recommended that all candidates for grading read the documents attached to the links above. These detail all aspects of the grading process, including what is expected during the grading, the elements on which you will be examined and advice on, and the structure of, the grading itself.

Grading Dates

  • 6th kyu - 2nd kyu
    Wednesday 21st August
  • 1st Kyu & Yudansha
    Thursday 22nd August

Grading Syllabus:

Grading Fees

  • 6th/5th/4th kyu - £15
  • 3rd kyu & above - £20
  • All Yudansha - £30 + Hombu Fee


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